All About Birb DeFi

Gaming in the crypto and blockchain space has become huge as decentralized platforms have introduced several ways for gamers to make actual money. Be it actual games that use NFTs or other crypto platforms that have gamified the earning procedure, everything is gaining traction and is booming due to the hype. Birb has leveraged this featured and has built a gamified web application centered around the idea of rewarding its users in a fun way.

Most DeFi platforms have the form of decentralized applications known as dapps. These dapps use a series of smart contracts to automate financial transactions, making them faster, more efficient and often more accessible than their centralized counterparts. In addition, since dapps are controlled by computer code, which is inherently neutral, there is no question of bias.

About the Birb Project?

Birb is a DeFi platform that helps users to interact with the blockchain in a much easier way. Here, users can send and receive transactions, swap tokens privately with Flock Protocol, vote on developments, and more. Adding to our list of services, we have added a gaming portal where users can play a game to earn $BIRB tokens. The gaming portal is more of a gamified web application where people can earn $BIRB by simply pressing a few buttons. This can be done by either “Hatching” or “Claiming Rewards”. We have seen staking as a primary source of earning in most DeFi platforms, but using gamification as a way to get access to new tokens is a brilliant way to keep the community engaged as well as incentivizing them for playing the simple game.

DEVELOPMENT Q3-Q4 Flock Protocol Privacy Feature

With the upcoming BIRB Wallet, you will be able to send ultimately anonymous transactions hidden from the public.

Q3-Q4 A collection of Limited Birb NFTs

The Birb NFT marketplace will allow anyone to offer their artwork. People can then bid and purchase an NFT. Our design team is also currently working hard on several one-of-a-kind artworks. We will have several NFTs for sale, including some highly limited-edition pieces that come with original paintings.

1. Limited Edition NFT

Each limited edition Birb NFT comes with its very own original and signed painting.

2. Talented Artists

Look around our website and view our awesome birb art. We are proud to have such an amazing design team.

3. NFTs are Tradable

Each of our NFTs is tradable and one-of-a-kind.

The goal is to provide our community and users with a simple and exciting way to send and receive transactions, exchange tokens privately, vote for upcoming developments, and more. Birb is designed with the interests of birds in mind. Cryptocurrency should work in the same way as birds that fly freely and do not pay attention to borders and politics. Birb’s goal is to make the Birb token accessible to every single person, from the generation of q to baby boomers, to make domestic and international transactions simple and fast — without limitation, like birds.

How Does The Birb Game Work?

Using our game portal is simple, but before we discuss how to play the game, we will explain what happens with birb coins at PancakeSwap.

Every 24 hours, 5% of the Birb coin supply on PancakeSwap will be drained. Any user can call the action to hatch the nest (drain the pool) to gain 1% of the daily drained birb coins. The nest can be hatched once every 24 hours. Only one user can call the function, so be quick, and you will have a chance to earn some birb coins!

51% of the drained coins will be burned forever. 48% of the drained Birb coins will be distributed to the top 250 holders every 3 days. A user must call the action in the game portal to receive their Top Holder Reward.

Features of this project

Birb will be the first multi-token exchange platform with a built-in privacy feature called Flock Protocol. This will allow your transactions to be completely hidden with an additional level of privacy. BirbSwap, a highly secure decentralized exchange that will allow you to easily buy, sell or exchange different tokens instantly, constantly protecting your identity. A community voting platform where BIRB owners can vote for upcoming events and for the future direction of BIRB. Every Birb owner will have the opportunity to express their opinion and vote. The community will also have the opportunity to vote for which charitable foundations will be allocated.

BIRB token is the native currency of the BIRB ecosystem. BIRB can be used in the ecosystem for rewards, governance tokens, and other Defi features like staking and farming.

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